About Us

Welcome to the World of The Chain Gang International…

The show is now 21 years in the making… it has been a lifetime of work and dedication there will never be another Chain Gang… strip shows have come, strip shows have gone but The Chain Gang have stood the test of time!! So much so that we are now a household name and women from all over Ireland and Europe idolise the guys.

Millions have seen them over the past 24 years, our shows and tours have become legend, if you can get a ticket nowadays to a Chain Gang show you are doing well as most shows are a complete sell-out.

The guys have rubbed shoulders with many celebrities over the years… Jordan, Nicki Saunderson (Coronation Street), Brian Dowling (Big Brother), Ruth Lorenzo (X-Factor), Bucks Fizz (Eurovision Winners). Charity shows are very close to our hearts and The Chain Gang regularly perform at events in aid of: Suicide Awareness, Breast Cancer, Make-Believer’s Foundation and Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital in Crumlin to name but a few.

We would like to say a very big “thank-you” to all our national and international agents who have helped in so many ways to put us at the top of the ladder. We would also like to thank the Irish media for all the fantastic write-ups throughout the years, all the radio stations for covering and supporting the shows, and thank you also to RTE and Channel 4 for their great support.

Lastly the biggest “thank-you” of all goes to the millions of ladies who have attended a Chain Gang show and who have made us what we are today we owe it all to YOU!