Nationality: American

Starsign: Leo

Age: 35

Height: 175cm

Weight: 75kg

Eye colour: Brown

Marital status: Single

Hobbies: I love to read autobiographies, history and people life-stories always interest me !

How long with show: I have been with The Chain Gang for 10 years

Favourite venue: Anywhere, anytime, anyplace, i am here for the fans. it’s not what you wear… but how you take it off…

What started you in stripping: when i first got into striptease it was about more than just being good at something, it was about the idea or possibility of excelling at something… now that more than a hand-full of years have gone by and i have started to realize my dreams of making it into the dance industry, I’m driven to continue to raise my own expectations and go the extra mile.

How do you keep fit: I do Quick-Fitness twice a week

What you enjoy most about the show: I have been on stage now for a quiet some time, and it’s an amazing feeling, but being on stage at the strip-show it’s not something that can be explained, it can only be experienced and that’s why I am still here.

Favourite holiday destination: Spain

Favourite Food: chicken curry and a glass of milk… I don’t diet, but I don’t abuse my body either.

Favourite song to strip to: “When a man loves a woman”

Favoutire underwear: “Versus” by Versace

What you look for in a woman: Everybody’s beautiful in their own special way (yes). Beauty come in all different shape and sizes.You’re beautiful, Too, Just realize this. Carry yourself like a queen and you will attract the king. Beauty comes from within. (yes). Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, You will achieve (Got to believe). That you are body beautiful ? Then come and get me…

What is your moto in life: “My personality is like a jumper either extra-large or extra-small… but never a medium”

QUOTE: Happiness has one advantage over wealth… no one can borrow it and most rich people are not happy !”

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